Ultimate Tailgate Checklist

Are you new to tailgating?  Are you an old pro that needs a little organization?  If so we have created the ultimate checklist to make sure that your tailgate goes as smoothly as possible.  Getting organized for the big game, especially at the beginning of each tailgating season, is extremely important so that you don’t forget something important and end up with a lousy tailgate.  This checklist will outline all the areas of tailgating that you need to have taken care of before you load everything up and head out.  Not all of these areas are required but for the ultimate tailgate we recommend them.  I will break the checklist areas down to the different components you may or may not have at your tailgate.

Tailgating Essentials

We believe that these items are essential to any tailgate.  It is hard to sit around and have a good time if you don’t have a place to sit, are cutting limes in your hand, eating with your fingers (unless it is wings or ribs) and don’t have anywhere to throw your trash away.  Might as well just head on into the game and pay for some overpriced hotdog and peanuts.  If you plan to having a descent tailgate there are some pretty important things you will need.  ***Note if you plan on taking your tailgate to the next level please see the sections below***

  • Tailgate Tent
  • Tailgate Chairs
  • Folding Table
  • Table cloth
  • Paper towels
  • Paper plates
  • Cups (preferably red and solo)
  • Forks, Spoons and Knives
  • Trash bags (and a trashcan is preferable)
  • Cutting knives (you never know when a good knife will come in handy)
  • Cutting boards
  • Cooler (TONS of ice if you are in the south)
  • Beverages (I prefer a cooler for drinks and a cooler for food if you can fit it)
  • Food (if you are cooking at your tailgate see below)
    • Appetizers
      • chips and dip
      • finger foods
      • sandwhiches
    • Main Course
      • meat!!!!
    • Dessert
      • pies
      • cakes
      • brownies

Will You Cook At Your Tailgate

So catering makes tailgating easy that is for sure.  However, if you really want to step your game up, you will be cooking at your tailgate.  Cooking is another social aspect of tailgating that gets you and friends together to enjoy the day before the game.  Cooking at tailgates can be simple and can also get very ‘gourmet’.  Folks really like to see how fancy they can get with the food at their tailgates.  Either way take a look at our Ultimate Tailgate Cooking Guide to find out the best ways to cook at your tailgate.

Will You Watch TV At Your Tailgate

If you really want to have the ultimate tailgate, then you will definitely need some TV.  There are countless options to watch live TV at your tailgate.  Depending on the amount of money you want to spend on it, this can be as seamless as watching TV at your house.  If you are on a budget we have options for that too.  Check our our Ultimate Tailgate TV Guide to determine the best way to bring TV to your tailgating event.

  • TV
  • Programming Source
    • Over The Air
    • Internet Based
    • Satellite TV
  • TV Stand or Mount

Will You Have Music At Your Tailgate

If you want to liven up the atmosphere at your tailgate, music is always a way to do so.  Bringing music to your tailgate is one of the easier things you can do to make your tailgate the ultimate tailgate.  Below are the items you will need to consider when want to have music at your tailgate.  Read our Ultimate Tailgate Music Guide to find the best options for bringing music to your tailgate.

Will You Have Games At Your Tailgate

Games are a must at any tailgate.  Whether you have kids around or it is an all adult party, games are a good way to spend some social time with your friends instead of just watching TV the whole time.  There are a ton of games out there that are suited for children and adults alike that are easy to bring to your tailgate to enjoy with friends.  Read our Ultimate Tailgate Games Guide to see what all the options are for bringing games to your tailgate.