Stand and Deliver: TV Stands for your Tailgating Pleasure

Portable televisions offer small screen sizes, which makes it difficult for multiple people to share a device at one time. TVs with larger screens are difficult to mount; most only have wall-mounting capability, which isn’t all that useful when you’re sitting on the back of a pickup truck trying to watch a 24” screen that you’re holding in your lap. The right TV stand can come to the rescue, saving you (and your viewing pleasure) from an uncomfortable or awkwardly exclusive experience.

Our first TV stand is from VIVO; it’s a simple and straightforward portable floor stand that does the job required of it.

#1 VIVO TV Display Portable Floor Stand Height Adjustable Mount for Flat Panel LED LCD Plasma Screen 13″ to 42″ (STAND-TV07)(Link)

This simple and sturdy no-frills TV stand from VIVO is an affordable option for mounting a television at your next tailgating party. It fits TV screens sized between thirteen and forty-two inches, holding them securely in place, and offers a four-footed base to help ensure that everything stays exactly where it’s supposed to. It has an adjustable height, a tilt of up to thirty degrees, and a maximum load tolerance of forty-four pounds, encompassing just about any modern television screen within its size range.

North Bayou is up next, with a minimalist approach to a universal TV stand, meant to accommodate larger screens than the typical portable TV has to offer. If you want to take a five-footer tailgating, this is the stand you need!

#2 North Bayou Universal Mobile TV Cart TV Stand with Mount for LED LCD Plasma Flat Panel Screens and Displays 32”- 65 Inches upto 100 lbs and Shelves AVA1500-60-1P (link)

This is a high-end mobile TV stand. Its attractive, minimalist design rolls on four wheels with a sturdy locking break system. It is designed to hold television screens ranging from three to five feet across, and has a total load-bearing tolerance of about one hundred pounds. The stand includes a shelf for any audiovisual accessories you might have, and it has room to accommodate additional shelf units (they aren’t included). When you’ve finished with your stand, it breaks down quickly and easily for convenient storage. In its collapsed state, it is readily portable. While set up, its height is adjustable in two-inch increments, to a point where the center of your television screen will be elevated up to five feet.

This last option falls in between the first two in most respects, including affordability.

#3 QIAYA Mobile TV Cart Tripod TV Stand 360 Rotation Portable Universal for 32 to 55 inch Flat Panel Screens LED LCD OLED Plasma (link)

QIAYA offers a mobile tripod stand for your television, the better to be able to catch that pre-game show before the start of the big game! This is a sturdy, non-wheeled stand whose major advantage lies in portability: it is the most readily collapsible item on our list. It features a load-bearing capacity of up to 100 lbs., and it can support monitors of between 32” and 55”in width—falling just shy of North Bayou’s model, but being significantly easier to lug around.
Which Stand is Right for You?

Differences in portability and other features aren’t substantial. For most tailgating events, we suggest getting the least expensive stand which will accommodate a television the size of your screen. If you have additional hardware, such as video game consoles or a TiVo box, which you intend to bring with you while tailgating, it might be worth your while to spring for North Bayou’s stand. It features additional shelf units, plus a generous weight allowance.

For more information, check out our article on convenient portable television sets for tailgating parties (link), some of which are available in sizes other than the one provided! Happy tailgating!