How to Watch TV While Tailgating—Because it’s Fun!

Tailgating parties involve a lot of fun and games; it’s not just about the main event, or the food (although both are certainly important)! People enjoy a variety of leisurely activities, such as sitting back and relaxing with a beer, talking to friends, meeting new people, and playing games like bean-bag toss and Jenga. In recent years, thanks to the constant pace by which digital technology is advancing, people are also watching television while tailgating—whether it’s a pre-game show, or just something to do to relax before the big game gets underway!

Here are a few things to bear in mind when deciding when, and how, you’re going to watch TV at a tailgating event.

Plan Your Setup

You’ll want to figure out what television you’re bringing, and how you’re going to mount it. Some portable televisions have 7-9 inch screens , and are intended primarily for personal use. These can be propped up just about anywhere. Once you get into the mid-teens in terms of screen size, however, this can become a little inconvenient.

Most larger screens don’t have any temporary mounting capabilities, and you may want to invest in a TV stand (link) to not only hold it up, but make it accessible to other viewers. It’s funny how the simple availability of a TV can suddenly result in more people wanting to watch it—especially if you’re showing the pregame show, or highlights from previous games of the season so far.

Don’t Forget Sound

Outdoor speakers are available (link) to help make your TV viewing experience more enjoyable. Even if your screen is relatively small, a clear picture and a rich, immersive sound environment can combine to help you really get into whatever it is that you’re wanting to watch!

How Is It Powered?

Larger screens will need a direct power source, for which either a generator or a power inverter will do . Make sure you plan everything accordingly, especially if there are other items drawing power at the same time. Mini-fridges are a common sight while tailgating! You don’t want to run out of juice early on, and you don’t want to completely drain your car battery.

Some small, portable TV screens offer rechargeable batteries, with viewing times of 2-3 hours per charge. This might be sufficient for your purposes, or you may want either a portable car charger or a power inverter—depending upon what else, if anything, is going to be drawing power at your tailgating party.

Have a Thought for Others!

We know that most people don’t “need” to be told this, but sometimes we get lost in the enthusiasm of the moment—and a helpful reminder is, well, helpful! Have a thought to other peoples’ enjoyment of the event, not just your own. If other people want to watch television, try to accommodate them. If other people would rather not, especially if they want to listen to music (or do something else that involves sound), try to make sure that your TV-watching isn’t too obtrusive.

Remember—we’re all looking to have a good time with friends and loved ones; there’s time enough to sit around the TV screen all by your lonesome at home!