What a Crock! Crock Pots for Tailgating Events

The slow cooker represents a long-standing American tradition. It’s a way to cook a wide variety of foods in slow-simmering fashion, deliciously mingling sweet and savory flavors, while serving up options for every meal—even for dessert! There is also a well-established tradition of bringing slow cooked meals (often in the pots they cook in) to a wide range of fun gatherings with family and friends, whereupon the pots can be plugged back in, and the food kept warm and tasty. This makes the crock pot an ideal part of the rapidly-growing tailgating lifestyle, which relies upon delicious food being kept fresh while in transit to a remote location—or being cooked to perfection on-site.

Let’s start with a programmable 6-quart “cook and carry” slow cooker from Crock Pot, world-famous manufacturers and producers of some of the finest in modern digital slow cookers. They offer several models which are ideally suited for tailgating, and this is one of them!

#1: Crock-Pot 6-Quart Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker, Digital Timer, Stainless Steel, SCCPVL610-S

With its durable stainless steel construction and easy to use lock and seal lid, this programmable crock pot with digital timer is one of the best options available on today’s market for tailgating and other remote events. The crock pot transports easily, and will keep your food warm for hours, allowing you plenty of time to get to where you’re going and to plug it back in to your handy power inverter. Once its pre-programmed cook cycle of anywhere from half an hour to twenty hours is complete, the slow cooker shifts automatically into “keep warm” mode. At six quarts, a single cooking cycle can easily produce enough food for six or seven people—that’s assuming it’s the main course! Crock pots are also excellent for standalone side dishes like beans, beans and rice, chicken and rice, Swedish meatballs, and many more options.

Give It to Me Straight…

This slow cooker from Crock Pot is affordable and durable, but you need to have a care for its removable stoneware cooking pot. The pot makes for a stylish display piece, but—for tailgating purposes—you should leave it inside the cooker to avoid its being scratched. Don’t forget to brace the cooker while it’s in transportation, to avoid potential spills; the locking lid is quite effective, and it seals well, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Next, we move on to the MSC-600, another six-quart crock pot with multiple cooking modes. This affordable option comes to you from Cuisinart, one of the premier names in modern crock pots and other electrical kitchen and cooking appliances.

#2: Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central 6-Quart Multi-Cooker: Slow Cooker, Brown/Saute, Steamer

Cuisinart is renowned for their production of safe, efficient, and highly functional crock pot style slow cookers. The MSC-600 Cook Central is another 6-quart capacity slow cooker, which can serve up the main course for about seven people—or offer a side dish from a fair number more. Its 3-in-1 functionality allows it to cook, sauté, or steam, all with equal ease, and its pull-out steamer tray lets it steam vegetables while you’ve got something else cooking within the pot itself at the same time. The cool-touch glass lid lets you see how things are shaping up inside the pot while your food is cooking, and the large, backlit LCD display is simple and easy to read. Change between cooking modes with simple and easy one-touch operation!

Give It to Me Straight…

Cuisinart’s 6-quart slow cooker requires a little extra care in transit due to the absence of a lockable lid. However, it is easy to transport with its cool-touch handles, and it offers a few other advantages that make it ideal for tailgating: its internal cooking pot is aluminum rather than stoneware, sprayed with a durable Teflon coating. It’s machine-washable, and much more durable than your typical stoneware pot.

Our last option is another Cuisinart. Its capacity is smaller, which makes it ideal for tailgating parties with just a few close friends or family members: the more affordable PSC-350 programmable slow cooker.

#3: Cuisinart PSC-350 3-1/2-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

If you don’t have seven or eight people coming to your tailgating party, why lug around a 6-quart crock pot? Cuisinart’s PSC-350 is a three and one-half quart slow cooker that’s easily capable of feeding three to four people—and again, it can handle more than that if you’re using it for a side dish! With its smaller size, it’s more affordable than its larger relative, but it’s just as conveniently programmable, and it also features a convenient one-touch display and multiple cooking modes. It has cool-touch handles and lid, as well as nonslip feet, which helps to keep it stable; its internal pot is ceramic, but—unlike some other models—this one is dishwasher-safe.

Give It to Me Straight…

Like the other Cuisinart on this list, the PSC-350 3-1/2-quart programmable slow cooker lacks a firmly locking lid. The lid is rubber-sealed to avoid splashing during transportation, but you’ll want to brace it carefully and keep an eye on it along the way. Once you’ve arrived, you might be advised to leave the ceramic pot inside the cooker itself—but that will likewise permit you to take advantage of its automatic keep-warm function, which kicks in automatically once a cooking cycle completes.
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