Tailgating Television: The Best TVs for Your Tailgating Party!

Maybe your event is at home, and you can’t make it to the game directly, or maybe you want to catch the pregame show. Maybe you’ve got a large gathering, and some people are going to want something else to do in between some of the more exciting moments! Whatever your reason, it can be desirable to have a television available for your tailgating party, and the modern availability of generators, inverters, and other power sources makes this more convenient than it ever was before. Gone are the days of tiny, black-and-white televisions with their own clunky batteries!

Of course, many people have cellphones and laptop computers nowadays, but if you can throw something up onto a larger screen that works for more than one person at a time, why wouldn’t you? With that being said, our first item isn’t a television at all: it’s the August DTA250 High Gain TV Aerial.

#1: August DTA250 High Gain TV Aerial – Portable Indoor/Outdoor Digital Antenna for USB TV Tuner / Digital Television / DAB Radio – With Magnetic Base (Link)

This aerial antenna isn’t like yesterday’s rabbit ears. Its magnetic base allows it to be conveniently attached to any metal surface once deployed, and a five-foot cable allows for it to be easily positioned for optimal reception. This item is a must-have: it’s optimized for high-definition digital content, and allows access—not only to network television channels—but to radio, and to a variety of mobile devices. It’s great for streaming music or television, and never fails to provide ample signal boost.

Reception’s a Little Fuzzy.

The product is a simple, though high-tech antenna; it works as intended. The primary issue with this is that it isn’t a TV; you need something to display video on (or to stream music through). It’s also not a subscription-based service; it will help boost the signal of a variety of different electronic devices, but it doesn’t unlock access to anything you don’t otherwise have access to.

Our next item is from SuperSonic. This one plays video directly—we promise—and on a widescreen display much larger than that provided by any currently available smartphone.

#2: SuperSonic Portable Widescreen LCD Display with Digital TV Tuner, USB/SD Inputs and AC/DC Compatible for RVs, 9-Inch (link)

This is what we’re talkin’ about! It’s not an at-home television, but with a crystal-clear 9” 16:9 display, it far outperforms most smartphones and other mobile display devices. This highly portable screen comes on its own stand, which can be re-angled for easy viewing. It includes a remote control, a portable antenna, AC/DC compatibility, and a flexible adapter. It also comes with speakers, and audio/video cables to accept input from other devices.

Reception’s a Little Fuzzy.

The obvious drawback to this particular device is its size, or rather its lack thereof. At 9”, it’s not exactly the biggest display around; if you’re buying electronics for your tailgating parties, chances are you’ve got at least a four- to five-foot-wide plasma or LCD at home! Of course, if your tailgating event is at home, then your television needs will already be met—and if it’s on the go, this 9” widescreen display provides astounding clarity. It more than makes up for its own diminutive size!

If nine inches isn’t enough for you, don’t worry—we can do better! If you’re willing to trade a little convenience for a larger display picture, SuperSonic also has a 13.3-inch screen option, with some of its own unique features.

#3: SuperSonic 13.3-Inch 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV HDMI AC/DC Compatible (link)

SuperSonic’s 13.3” widescreen high-definition television features all of the compatibility and power options of its other, smaller models. It also provides additional color balance featuring SuperSonic’s patented color balancing technology, for the absolute clearest picture you’ll ever find on a portable screen! It’s not quite as convenient to “mount anywhere” as SuperSonic’s nine-inch model, but the increased size allows it to be enjoyed by more people at once. The TV also features visual noise reduction, and a PC input—allowing you to connect a laptop computer directly to the TV.

Reception’s a Little Fuzzy

13.3” still isn’t perfectly ideal, but with all of the technology that’s gone into rendering the clearest and cleanest image you can imagine, you’ll soon adjust to its diminutive size. The most critical issue with regard to this screen is the difficulty of mounting it temporarily, as it is designed for wall-mounting.

But wait, there’s more! With two SuperSonic entries on this list, and the first item not being a television at all, we thought it only fair that we add fourth item to help round things out. From RCA, it’s a seven-inch portable TV with an android-compatible tablet built in. Check it out!

#4: RCA 7-Inch Smart Portable TV with Built-in Android Tablet(Link) (link)

RCA is a well-established brand in portable television, going back to the pre-digital days. They’re no slouches; they’ve come into the digital world with a bang, featuring convenient high-definition portable televisions with crystal-clear video and sound quality. While designed to serve primarily as a portable television with a 7” screen—still dwarfing those smartphones!—this device is also an android tablet. It operates on 4.1 Jelly Bean, and has 8 GB of memory built in with 32 GB of flash memory. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, featuring up to 2 hours of television or six and one-half hours of tablet time on a single charge. It also features a headphone jack and built-in speakers.

Reception’s a Little Fuzzy

The visual clarity on this little guy is good—great, for portable TVs in general—but it can’t stack up to some of the larger items on our list in that department. Its tablet function is a little more unique, however, allowing access to a wide variety of entertainment options while you’re waiting for the big game to start! The main disadvantage here is that this is really a one-person item; more than two people watching TV on this are going to have an uncomfortable time.

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