Best Tents For Tailgating

If you’re a true tailgater, you know that your worst enemy is the elements around you. Too sunny and you’re going to be too hot, the beer isn’t going to stay cool, and guests are going to leave. Rain can cause an even harsher impact, causing everything to get wet and people to flock to the nearest tailgate setup that has shelter. Keeping that in mind, you’re really going to want to have shelter for your tailgate setup. That’s why you need to invest in a tailgate tent.

When we talk about a tailgate tent, we aren’t talking about the typical tent you use for camping. We’re talking about those big tents you see at music festivals, outdoor weddings, and from fellow tailgaters you were once envious of. These are called “pop-up” tents, and are great at providing spacious shelter for everyone around you. For this article we’ve selected the best tailgating tents – all of these tents can go up in under five minutes, and will attract tons of guests to your tailgating set up.

Tents are almost a must for any tailgate.  In addition to providing shade for your guest but something else they do is define your tailgate area.  Most tailgates parking spots allow for 1 vehicle and a tailgate canopy tent behind it.  Tailgating tents also give you plenty of options for hanging trash bags, keeping you dry (when it is raining), keeping you warm when it is cold and an overall organization of your tailgating space.  With the popularity of tents for tailgating purposes, there are a tremendous number of options out there.  We have written this guide to help you pick the best tailgate tent for your party.  From easy tailgate canopy tents (also called pop up tents) to large tailgate tents for more of event spaces, this guide will have you covered (pun intended) for your tent tailgating needs.

Best Tailgate Canopy Tents

If you are looking for a tent that will stand the test of time but is still easy to setup and take down these tents below are my favorite.  I have used them season after season and with the exception of some fading, the bags have held up, the tents are in perfect condition and they have provided countless hours of shade and warmth though out our tailgating seasons.

Impact Canopy 10x10 EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent

The Impact Canopy product line gets our highest marks.  It is the sturdiest most dependable tent we have ever used.  It definitely comes at a large price tag but will stand the test of time.  We use our 2 tents for any event we have and have had them for over 5 years now.  They are hands down my favorite.  If you decide to buy a cheaper tent you can rest assured you will be buying another one after a season or two.  Go ahead and spend the money now on a tent that will last.  These tents also come with sides to protect you from sun and rain coming in at different angles.

The first thing you’ll notice with this canopy is that it’s quite a bit larger than the last 
canopy, while still remaining at a very affordable price. This canopy will cover 100 
square feet (at 10x10 feet), while the last canopy only covered 36 square feet at 6x6 
feet. While this shelter is considerably larger than the last one, it does weigh more than 
twice as much coming in at 33 pounds. 
Looking at the features of the E-Z Up 100 square foot canopy, we notice that it says it is 
an “instant shelter” canopy, meaning it can be set up in seconds. It has features to set 
the shelter at different height levels as well, perfect to avoid the issue in the last canopy 
of a 6 foot height limit. If you’re looking for a canopy for tailgating that will provide 
adequate shelter, while also attracting fellow tailgaters, this is going to be an excellent 
option. Tons of space, sturdy legs, and sun protection is all you really need, and this 
canopy provides those bare essentials, and more. 
Note this downside: The canopy needs to be weighed down or it will suffer from 
prolonged wind or rain. If not properly weighed down, it can even blow away in 
significant winds. Some users have even reported damage to the legs in prolonged 


Coleman 10x10 Instant Canopy

Coleman is the best brand in outdoor camping equipment so their pop up tent, while not what you will traditionally see at a tailgate, is a great option between the E-Z Up and the Impact Canopy.  Over 80 reviews on Amazon with 4.5 star feedback cannot be wrong.  While we have not personally tested this tent, we have read the extensive reviews online and feel confident this will be an excellent choice for your tailgating event.

Quik Shade Go Hybrid Backpack Canopy

This pop-up tent is not for large crowds. It comfortably shades or protects 2-3 people. If 
necessary, you could fit a few more in the 36 square feet that this tent provides, but the 
manufacturer suggests 2-3. If you’re just tailgating with a few friends, and want a very 
affordable option, Quik Shade’s Go Hybrid canopy is an excellent choice. This is going 
to be the cheapest tailgating tent on this list, so if your main factor is value, we’d 
suggest looking into this. Let’s look at some of the more specific details of this canopy. 
The canopy measures at 6x6 feet, so it is a relatively small canopy. It also comes with a 
½ length sun blocking wall that will block the sun coming in the side. Just point the sun 
wall towards the direction the sun is moving towards and enjoy comfort all day. Other 
users say that this canopy is easily under 15 pounds, and sets up in minutes. If you 
have a group of people and it started raining you could set this up easily in a minute or 
Note this downside: Users mention that standing under the canopy can be 
uncomfortable if you’re over 6 feet tall and plan on standing. Avoid this canopy and get 
something bigger if you need something more spacious. 

Custom Tailgate Tents

Are you looking for a tent to sport your favorite college or professional team?  Custom tailgate tents do just that and are relatively inexpensive for the custom design.  Below are some of the best tents we have found for some of the best teams around the country!

ACC Tailgate Tents

SEC Tailgate Tents

Other NCAA Tailgate Tents

These are just a few of the custom tailgate tents that can be found online.  Take a look here for the rest of the custom tailgate tents online.

Large Tailgate Tents

If you have multiple tailgate spaces where you need a large tailgate tent then first off good for you!  Large tailgate tents are definitely more difficult to setup and take down compared to their 10x10 counterparts but are still doable.  The biggest pop up canopy tent I have been able to find is a 10x20 and this would suit most larger tailgates.  It is basically the size of 2 10x10 tents.  This is the size space that we have when tailgating.  I would personally recommend going with 2 10x10 instead of 1 10x20 because of the versatility of having 2 tents rather than one.  If, however, you really want to go with one large tailgate tent then here are your options.

Impact Canopy 10x20 Easy Up Canopy Tent

The Impact Canopy 10x20 wins our ultimate award for large tailgate tents.  Built with the same rigidity as its smaller sibling, this tent will stand the test of time.  While much heaver than the 10x10 verison, this 10x20 tent is still easy to setup and easy to take down.  It comes with its on bag an spike kit.

Abccanopy Deluxe 10x20 Pop Up Canopy Tent

The Abccanopy Deluxe is one big ass tent.  It sets up just like the tents above but is a full 10x10 bigger.  This tent comes in multiple color canopies and comes wth a wheeled bag, side walls and weight bags.  This tent is sure to suit your larger tailgate area needs.


The last canopy tent on our list is sure to bring in tons of party-goers with its slim design, and huge total space. While the last canopy was very large at 10x10 feet, this one is TWICE as big at 10x20 feet. You can easily fit a large crowd under this canopy with no issue. The only downside to this canopy is the price – you could be spending up to $200 if you get something this big. This is the ultimate tailgating tent.

Let’s look at some of the key features of this tent: The main feature of this tent is the space – at 10x20 you can easily fit everything you need (beer, snacks, and all of your friends). In addition to having tons of space, it is also very well-built, with rust-resistant poles holding up the canopy. The manufacturer mentions that this canopy can even block 90% of the Sun’s UV rays, which will keep you cool all day long. You can also purchase additional sun walls and accessories to make this tent even more comfortable and sun-resistant. Like with the last tent, just make sure that this tent is properly anchored to the ground and it shouldn’t get damaged in prolonged storms. If you want the ultimate tailgating tent, and have the money to spend, it’s going to be hard to pass on this great canopy.

Tailgate Tent Weight

We keep mentioning how tents can blow away or become damaged if they aren’t properly weighed down. That’s why it can be beneficial to purchase extra canopy weights. One crowd favorite that keeps popping up seems to be THESE resistant, portable canopy weights. These things will save your canopy. If you can afford to spend the extra money on some proper canopy weights, we’d suggest going with these ones. All you do after receiving the bags is fill them with sand and you’re good to go. They are incredibly durable and will prevent your canopy from becoming damaged in storms.

Now that we’ve gone over the different canopies, it should be easy for you to pick your favorite. All of these tailgating tents have been highly rated by hundreds of users online, so you know they’re as good as your money can buy.


King Canopy Tent Weights

These tent weights by King Canopy will help keep your investment secure to the ground in case of bad weather.  These tailgate tents are definitely sails in the wind if they are up during bad weather.  We use tent weights as well as ground stakes every time we set our tailgate tents up.

Canopy Weights

These tent weights by are nicely packaged in a bag and will help you to keep track of them so they don’t get lost.  We prefer the King Canopy but like the bag option that comes with these weights.