Best Chairs For Tailgating

Just like tailgate tents, tailgate chairs are almost a must for any tailgate.  Could you imagine trying to hang out all day long and just sitting on the hard ground (or worse yet standing up)?  Do you want you guest just standing around while you are grilling at your tailgate?  Tailgating requires chairs period.  Bag chairs are the most popular type of chair for tailgating because they are easy to bring with you, easy to setup and easy to put away.  Just like anything else, there are varying prices to your bag chairs.  This is one area where, while I do not want to skimp, I do not want to spend a ton of money either.  You definitely need to have COMFORTABLE chairs but you can find that at a descent price.  Take a look below for our best tailgate chairs that we have found.

Best Tailgate Chairs

These chairs are nothing fancy.  They fold up and go into a bag.  They unfold and become a chair.  Not a lot more to say about it.  They are all sturdy and will last you a long time if you take care of them.

Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Chair

The Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Chair is the king of tailgating chairs.  This oversized chair is made with dual locks that makes sure this chair will not fold down on you.  It has 2 cup holders which are extremely important on big game days (you need a beer in both hands right).  One of the cup holders will even hold a 32 ounce can!  This tailgate chair is extremely comfortable to sit in and can handle any weight you throw at it.

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

The Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler is my chair of choice when it comes to buying several tailgating chairs at once.  I like to have a couple of the Kijaro XXL Chairsas my main chairs and then fill in with the Colemans.  These Colman tailgate chairs are extremely comfortable and are a good size and price.  I recommend having enough chairs for about 75% of the people at your tailgate.

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

The Sport-Brella Recliner Chair does it all.  It has a shade umbrella (which comes in handy not only at tailgates but also at kids sporting events), reclining ottoman and a good oversize comfortable fit for your seating pleasure.  This chair is on the pricier side but is a really nice chair that can serve you multiple purposes outside of being a tailgate chair.

Custom Tailgate Chairs

Are you looking for a chair to sport your favorite college or professional team?  Custom tailgate chairs do just that and are relatively inexpensive for the custom design.  Below are some of the best chairs we have found for some of the best teams around the country!

ACC Tailgate Chairs

SEC Tailgate Chairs

Other NCAA Tailgate Chairs

These are just a few of the custom tailgate chairs that can be found online.  Take a look here for the rest of the custom tailgate chairs online.