Portable gas grills have become very sophisticated over the years.  We used to throw a $40 Weber Smokey Joe and a bag of charcoal in the back of the car and have ourselves a party.  Now we have portable grills that fold, roll, run off of LP gas and cook just as good as a full size grill you would purchase for your back yard.  If you don’t have the room for a big grill in your tailgate setup then these portable grills will do you right!

Weber Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill

(Our Ultimate Portable Gas Grill Choice)

The Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Grill is our Ultimate pick for the portable tailgate grill guide.  This grill does it all (at a fairly steep price).  This is my hands down favorite gas grill and is perfect when I am not pulling our tailgate trailer around with me.  This grill is great for quick tailgating events, tight spaces and limited trunk space.  It folds up and rolls in to the back of your SUV or truck super easy.  I have even fit it in the back of a car by taking the grill stand off.  This is the best cooking portable grill of any of the grills we have used.


Coleman RoadTrip LXX Grill

(Our Portable Gas Grill Runner Up)

You cannot have a portable grill review without mentioning Coleman.  The Coleman RoadTrip LXX Grill is our second favorite portable grill for tailgating.  This grill comes a quite a smaller price tag to the Weber but the cooking performance does not disappoint!  Easy to fold away, just like the Weber, and carry with you this is the perfect portable grill for the budget conscious tailgater.  With this grill, you can purchase interchangeable stove tops (grates, griddles, etc) so that you have a tremendous amount of options for types of tailgate cooking.  Breakfast in the morning using the griddle and burgers or steaks before game time make this grill an awesome alternative to the Weber.


Portable Kitchen PK 99750 Cast Aluminum Grill and Smoker

The Portable Kitchen PK 99740 Cast Aluminum Grill and Smoker by Portable Kitchen is a unique charcoal grill / smoker combo.  Built with thick cast aluminum, this grill / smoker combo will hold temperatures to grill the best steak or smoke the juiciest rack of ribs.  The cooker itself easily detaches from the stand so that you can take it anywhere you want to go.  The portability and versatility of this unit makes it a contender for one of our best portable grills for tailgating.


Cuisinart CGG-220 Everyday Portable Gas Grill

The Cuisinart CGG-220 Everyday Portable Gas Grill is a little grill that has a BIG name and a small price.  Cuisinart is synonymous with high end home kitchen appliances and they have hit a home run with this small portable gas grill.  This portal gas grill can be easily transported in any vehicle and cooks up a wonderful meal.  I has a precision air flow system underneath (fancy terms for it has room to breath) so that you can cook with it on top of a table or the back of your tailgate.  It has a 240 inch cooking surface that should be able to handle the hungriest of tailgaters.


Weber Smokey Joe 14-inch Portable Grill

The Weber Smokey Joe 14-inch Portable Grill is one of the best bangs for your buck you can get when it comes to easy portable grilling.  What you trade off with grill space you make up by having a small compact charcoal Weber grill on hand that cooks like its bigger brother that we review in the Best Charcoal Tailgate Grills guide.  This little guy can cook up the best burgers (about 5 at a time) and Ribeyes (about 2 at a time).  This is about the best you can get for the size and portability with the Weber name and charcoal flavors!